A simple demo of a pseudo welding simulator made in Unity 3D.
You walk in a Virtual Environment grabbing metal pieces and welding them together.
This project was originally made in VR for Steam VR and later converted for Desktop Screens, but since then I've lost the VR source code.

How to use:

Use [WASD] to move the Camera in 3D space and [MOUSE] to redirect the view.

To grab an object, press [Left Mouse Button] (LMB) with the sights positioned over it.
From this state you can drop the object by pressing [LMB] again or freezing the object in the air by pressing [Right Mouse Button] (RMB).
Re-using [LMB] on the object will defrost it.

At any time you can use [2] to choose Modify Mode,
which allows you to rotate the object using [Num8] [Num4] [Num2] [Num6] on its axes and [Num -] [Num +] to adjust the angle of rotation.
The object stores in memory the last rotation assigned even after dropping and will return to that rotation as soon as it is grabbed again.
To clear the stored rotation press [Num5].

At any time you can also use [3] to enter Weld Mode (Fixed Weld Sub-Mode),
which allows to weld 2 objects (Bug: it is possible to weld objects that aren't touching).
To start the welding process, look over an object and press [E] to add it to the welding list. Perform this action again for the second object.
Press [RETURN] to complete the welding process.

Pressing [E] into various objects before welding will only fix the last 2 selected objects.
It is possible to weld frozen objects without issues.
Due to the nature of this program, you should always choose the object of larger size as the 1st object of the welding list, because that will be the point where you can grab the now-welded objects.